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L & L PUBLISHING LN $35.00 $19.95 $
In this day of digital photography where software can be used to alter images in an instant, CAPTURED uses classic technology to bring a person's thoughts to life on film, right in front of their face. A familiar object enters play, a deck of cards. It can be any deck at all. A participant picks a card and retains it for the duration of the presentation, never showing it to the magician until the very end. The magician brings out a camera and takes a photograph of the participant, which they then hold on to.
As the participant concentrates on the photograph, their thoughts slowly appear in the photo like the image of a ghost captured on unholy ground. This is an experience so raw and visceral that your participant begins to shake like a Polaroid picture. All they can do is stare in utter disbelief; their mouth wide open like the foundation of their reality has just been cracked by a 2-thousand pound wrecking ball. This is hard hitting magic. And best of all, your participant gets to take the experience home with them and remember it forever. Strong. Dynamic. In-Your-Face magic. CAPTURED. Running Time Approximately 57min
NEW $35.00 $24.50 $
MT43138 KEY ROULETTE - A bill is secured in a plastic frame and a padlock is snapped shut through the frame. 6 keys are shown to the spectators. The magician demonstrates that one of the keys can open the padlock and he mixes it with all the other keys. Five volunteers are given a free choice of key leaving one key to the magician. They are told that if their key will open the lock they will win a prize. Before each volunteer opens the lock, he gets an option to change his key with the magicians key. Each one of the volunteers tries his key to open the lock but only the last key that is left to the magician opens the lock, leaving the prize with the magician! No force of any kind, the magician wins with the last key. great effect at any show: children, adults and trade shows. The frame will hold most sizes of bills and can be used as well for show tickets, fly tickets or any other flat objects.

NEW $0.00 $66.95 $
MT43054 MOVEMENTS (Telekinisis)
The magician can invite one of his spectators to live an unforgettable experience based on TELEKINESIS. (The art to move objects with the power of the mind) For this he will use something so simple and daily as a marker which can be used during the performance. He will place it supported in a glass or in the table and after seconds of concentration the marker will fall leaving all the assistants with their mouth opened.


The effect is very impressive if you do it in the hand of one spectator, because it is rising gradually until it falls. Points to consider: - it can be 100 % checked - it writes and it is possible to be recharged - 70 % is within the table ( in other versions it is necessary to leave it on the verge of falling) - it is a perfect marker to sign cards, photos, etc.

NEW $55.00 $39.95 $
The performer shows that he/she has a playing card in there pocket, and that they'll be getting back to that a bit later. The participant is handed a Journal/Diary, and is asked to browse through it... they'll notice that on every date is a playing card. Now they are handed a deck of playing cards... they can look through them all they want, and can shuffle to there hearts content. Now they'll use the cards to come to a random month and date... all
this happens entirely in there hands, with the performer being completely hands off. Once a month and date has been decided, they are to turn to that date and look at the card written, but not to say it. You then ask them to go through the deck and remove the card that's on there date... it's not there... The performer then reminds them about the card he/she had in there pocket prior to starting... it's removed and handed to the spec... it's the card they were thinking of.
NEW $0.00 $10.99 $
possibly the most direct mental effect ever conceived with a deck of cards
OZ PEARLMAN LN $15.00 $9.99 $
MT42620 CARDS OF INFLUENCE - Kenton Knepper tips some of his highly successful and wildly entertaining examples for the public on subliminal influence and word power using cards no less! Mark Townsend is a student of Kenton's who is well known for adding deeper dimensions and unusual presentation s to all of his effects. These two extraordinary thinkers present material you will use right away that is unlike nearly anything else you may have seen or read before. You will find everything from close up material and magic, to story-telling effects, weird pieces, never-before-seen card concepts and yes, even . KENTON KNEEPER
mentalism Memorable and unusual effects made simple, as only Kenton and his students can. EASY to do material. Basic card sleights or no sleights at all are required. You should have a basic background in card sleights if you wish to perform all of this material. Other effects incorporate standard trick decks available at most dealers. In many cases you can simply make your own cards with a marker and blank cards, or use a regular deck, to perform material in this book. 80 Pages of surprising, easy, innovative card magic and mentalism.
NEW $40.00 $29.99 $
MT42434 CRYSTAL CLEAR - Performer pulls out a black velvet bag and six differently colored crystals (3 colors duplicated) and places all six crystals in the bag. Asking a volunteer to reach into the bag, pull out a single crystal, the performer instructs them to keep their hand closed around the stone. Performer is able to divine the color crystal chosen each and every single time by pulling out the same colored


crystal before the volunteer's stone is revealed. This is performed again and again, each situation more impossible than the last! You can even decide for yourself whether or not to play it straight or end with a laugh Comes complete with special handmade velvet bag, six crystals, and Wayne's detailed instructions.

LN $60.00 $45.99 $

"3510" - HARD COVER 

Chapter One: Developing Compelling Demonstrations. - This chapter outlines my own personal beliefs on presenting contemporary mentalism. From the structure of an effect to building a routine and a show. Each point is complete with working examples from my own repertoire. - Chapter Two: - A Working Example Of My Guidelines. In this chapter we handle a working example of all the guidelines outlined in Chapter One by creating and applying these rules to an effect. - Chapter Three: - An Approach To Prop-Free Mentalism. - A brief look at performing modern mentalism without the aid of apparatus and props of any kind. - Chapter Four: - The Devil Is In The Details. - This chapter outlines the attention to detail that I feel is needed to make a truly compelling performance. - Chapter Five: - Presentational Touches. - A collection of presentational additions that can be added into many effects that you already perform as well as all the effec ts featured within this book. Chapter Six: - Touching On Hoy - The Real Work. - This chapter


features possibly the strongest, prop free demonstration of mind reading available to the mentalist. - Chapter Seven: - Hail Dunninger A Principle And An Effect. - In this chapter I take a closer look at the Dunninger Ploy and describe its use in relation to a card effect using a prop you almost certainly already own. - Chapter Eight: - A Look At TV Magic/Mentalism. Here I share my personal thoughts on the world of TV magic. From selective editing to pre-show work and dirty camera tricks. Chapter Nine: - Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants. - This chapter is a work inspired by my influences. As performers I truly think we are building everything we perform on the work of greats from the past. Here I share three routines that I feel are directly inspired by Canasta, Dr. Jaks and Koran. - Chapter Ten: - Mentalism With Playing Cards. Chapter Eleven: - Suggestion. - A chapter featuring effects that mix the classic methods of magic and mentalism with suggestive techniques to create bold and new effects never before possible. - Chapter Twelve: - A Brief Journey Into The Bizarre. - No skulls, altars or sacrificed goats, rather Mentalism with a surreal twist. - Chapter Thirteen: - Zeroing In. Methods to zero in on the correct spectators for your effects.

 NEW  $49.95 $39.95 $
Kentonism Deck - A bold and awe-inspiring effect. A spectator shuffles and cuts a deck after being shown the faces of the cards. The spectator cuts to one card - and this is the card predicted in advance. The performer does not handle the cards once the spectator has them. The trick that blew away the may famed mentalists of the Psychic Entertainer's Association. - Dual Reality Deck - Kenton created the term "multiple reality" and "dual reality" for his unique approach to mentalism and magic. Since that time it has inspired countless performers and authors.

Here for the first time ever Kenton tips his special dual reality work with cards. - Cards are sprung from hand to hand and a spectator thinks of any card they see. The audience sees the faces too. The card the spectator thinks of is the one predicted in advance. The cards are shown faces and backs as normal. - The more the spectator talks to the audience, the more amazing the trick becomes. Is it a real trance state A surefire way to do the think of a card force without sleight of hand or fear of missing.
NEW $0.00 $18.75 $
You can borrow a burning cigarette or chewing gum from somebody. You show both sides of your credit card! You lay the cigarette or chewing gum on the credit card. You begin concentrating and moving your hand in a magic way. The cigarette starts standing up very slowly till the angle of 90 degrees. It moves as for your commands. At last the cigarette lays back to the card. You can do it anywhere, anytime.

NEW $27.50 $21.95 $
After establishing yourself as a person with some unusual intuitive skills, you say you'd like to put those skills to a real, measurable test. In order to do that, you need some sort of benchmark to compare them against. There are various items that could serve this purpose, from tarot cards to personality profiles. But, you explain, because you like to set the bar high, you've chosen the divinatory tool which, throughout the several-thousand-year history of esoteric practice, has generally been regarded as the most trusted source of metaphysical wisdom and insight into the human condition: a horoscope mini-magazine, direct from the supermarket checkout counter. You give such a magazine to a volunteer, pointing out that it deals with four distinct areas of life: love, money, health, and leisure. You then turn your back and ask your volunteer to look up her horoscope -- either for the current month (if it's far along enough to get a good sense of how it's turning out), or for the previous month (if it's too soon to tell how this month is going yet). In either case, she silently reads her horoscope. When she's finished, you ask her to consider how accurate it seems in hindsight. She does, and arrives at a "percentage score" for the magazine's accuracy, which you write down. No matter what it is, you say you think you can do better.
You then turn to face the volunteer again, and proceed to give her a disarmingly accurate and insightful description of her personality and her current situation in life. This is no mere "cold" reading, as it contains a wealth of specific information that you had no way of knowing, including personal details about her character, actions, and circumstances, delivered confidently and unequivocally. You then wrap things up by revealing her zodiac sign, with no pumping or guesswork. With that, not only have you done much better than the magazine, but you've given the volunteer an intimate, inexplicable experience that she'll never forget. ASCENSION really is just that clean, direct and strong. It's a system that uses layers of methods to deliver, in a completely untraceable way, the most powerful and memorable information that we as mentalists can reveal: personal details about someone's life. Furthermore, it does so in real time, with no writing, no setup, no assistance, no pre-show, and no stooges (instant or otherwise). How you use that information is then up to your own imagination. Complete Package includes: A clearly written, photo-illustrated, grammatically correct, professionally edited, Typographically pleasing, 5.5" x 8.5", staple-bound, 32-page manuscript, which comprehensively explains the method, handling, and various scripting and presentation options for the effect. One complete set of professionally printed magazines. A CD-ROM with graphics files for printing your own replacement magazines when the originals wear out.
MINT $60.00 $49.75 $
This effect has been said by many to be the most powerful Metal Bending Routine in existence, a personal experience for someone and a souvenir like no other. Several keys and colored rubber bands are shown. A spectator freely selects a key. The key is initialed on one side by the spectator and then initialed by the performer on the other side. Next, a colored rubber band is chosen by the spectator and threaded through the head of the key.
The rubber band is placed over the spectators wrist and the spectator holds the key at their fingertips. The performer suggests that the spectator will feel the key soften and bend like rubber, they do, and it does. The key is felt bending while the spectator is holding it and it is attached to a rubber band around the spectators wrist the whole time! Your hands are left clean and they are left with an amazing accessory.
NEW $75.00 $65.00 $

ts time to bring something different to the table! Canadas Christopher Taylor is the author of two best selling books on the subject of Bizarre/ Mystic Mental Magic as well as the inventor of Equinox and the electronic wiz behind Andy Nymans fantastic Dead Zone Pro. On this DVD set he brings you some of his finest routines.
Each of the routines has a story woven into it that produces an intimate and mysterious feel elevating it from effect to a very thought provoking performance piece! Watch as Christopher performs each effect in front of a group of lay people and then sit back and learn as Christopher Taylor And Marc Spelmann talk you through every effect in fine detail leaving no stone unturned. The DVD also contains an interview section where Peter Nardi and Marc Spelmann delve a little deeper into the creative mind of Christopher Taylor.
NEW $49.95 $39.50 $
Here is a sweet little mental item that is both easy and elegant. And, it is a fooler! You get some very cool little cards that are meant to test your stress reactions. A spectator simply looks at and selects one of the numbers on one of the ten cards.
There is some by play and you instantly reveal the number mentally selected. The secret is cool. Here is a great little item that you can play straight. I mean that. It would not be difficult at all to sell folks on this being a real scientific test!
MINT $20.00 $14.50 $
DUPRE DIDIER LN $0.00 $14.50 $
Three Routines in One Book This book has three very strong mental routines that will get you noticed whenever and for whomever you perform. Want to be in total control of your audience? Then these routines are for you.
The Nostrum Newspaper Test What sets this newspaper test apart from all others is its impromptu nature. Imagine an effect where a participant freely selects a page from any newspaper, tears it into small slips, chooses a word from one of the torn scraps and you reveal the word without ever seeing, touching or coming near the paper!
VG $35.00 $16.50
Just Reduced
This effect is pure genius! Magician has someone choose a playing card, look at it and place it into their pocket. He then tells them to concentrate on their card. He holds his hands up to the their head in an effort to transfer the thought of card into the mind of a second spectator. When the magician holds his hands up to the second spectators head, that spectator magically reveals the name of
the chosen card, even though everyone else in the room hears nothing or sees no visible signing of any kind. Somehow the chosen card seems to be revealed to the second spectator. Could it be a Talking Deck? You will leave them wondering, HOW DID HE DO THAT! EASY TO DO! - CAN BE REPEATED - GREAT FOR CLOSE UP, STREET, OR STAGE! YOU WILL USE THIS EFFECT!
NEW $50.00 $39.50 $


On Mind Stunts 1, Partik Kuffs first DVD, we take a tour of Kuffs own mind. Not only a valuable teaching tool but also a highly entertaining show within a show. This is a DVD unlike any other. Great magic, great production value all wrapped up in the Kuffs Trademark humour that really set it apart from the rest. Features on screen for the first time, Patrick Kuffs most coveted effects!


You will learn some of Patrick's most acclaimed and requested effects like: Dangerous Monte - Watchism Book Test 4 Dummies - Blindfoil Nostradakuffs - T.O.C. - Bold Business This DVD also includes Acrobat Reader PDF text files for all the included routines in English and French with the necessary stickers for the "Rubik's Cube" effect ETC.

MINT $0.00 $22.00 $
is perfect for the impromptu `reading' by a magician, or as an opener for a more in depth session. A blank card is shown to be the spectators future. Somewhere along the `path', they choose to make a change. You cut the card in two pieces - where they want you to - and then you


show that there were many choices printed on the back. Their choice proves to be a positive and moving experience every time. A Cut Above comes with three different versions of cards so that you can repeat the effect and with plenty of each to perform dozens and dozens of times.

NEW $25.00 $19.99 $
The spectator is asked to name a breed of dog. It might be the name of a dog they particularly like or dislike, a neighbor's dog, whatever. A deck of "doggy" cards is then removed. Each card in the deck has a different breed of dog on the face.
The magician spreads the deck between his hands and one card is seen to be face-down in the face-up deck. The spectator may remove this card from the deck and turn it over to reveal the breed of dog that they freely named! Comes with special deck and complete instructions. VG $25.00 $17.50 $
- on the secret principle of Association and how Kenton and students use this long ignored and mysterious factor. We simply cannot say enough about it, or what it will do for you. Using association causes spectators to stop being spectators. It actively engages onlookers, causing more of an experience and relationship with your audience. Audience becomes an active force in your performance. They do not feel left out of the act. With association, the audience is a willing and active participant, rather than an antagonistic force to be won over by manipulation. Best of all, magic and mentalism can easily be made into legitimate art by applying Association to standard tricks and presentations. In a sentence or less, with one object, or less, association casts its spell. Immediate art and meaning can be had without hard work, once you grasp the underused and oft ignored principle of Association. Influence and shape


audiences to do as you desire by Association and its related branches of sneaky psychology. People will follow your lead and more. Your audience is just waiting to be taught what to do! All of this is just for starters. We know these sound like impossible promises, but they are true. Artists and psychologists have proved these claims about Association reliable for ages. Association is the standard used in video, persuasion psychologies, advertising, art, music and theatre. Yet mentalists and magicians use it unknowingly, as if by happenstance. Kenton once again changes the landscape of mentalism and magic forever with this book. You will wonder how mystery performers ever performed without this incredible principle. This work will remind you why Kenton is considered a groundbreaking leader in mentalism and magic. New effects, tricks and methods included, as well as material from The S.E.C.R.E.T. School. 111 pages.

NEW $45.00 $35.95 $
Nine different giant-size cards are shown to the audience. Two spectators are each asked to mentally select one of the numbers.
The pre former merely asks them to concentrate one the numbers, which they have secretly selected. Yet the magician successfully
reads there mind.
VG $0.00 $16.99 $
Sympathetink : 12 routines and loads of tips in order to allow you to get the best out of this pen, worthy of the most secret of secret agents


(With ideas from Michael Weber, Sébatien Clergue and Patrick Paccard) Includes special pen and instructions.

NEW $18.50 $14.95 $
MT38989 DIEABOLICAL DIE (BRASS) ? LN $0.00 $12.95 $
MT38974 ASH FELT GUY BAVLI LN $19.00 $10.99 $
MT38699 FREESTYLE BOOK TEST DVD - Greg Arce and Federico Luduena's Freestyle Book Test is a powerful book test that you can make at home, with practically any book. Imagine... you display a book that you say you've had for a long time and have even written and doodled inside of it. Throughout the book there are notations of cards, serial numbers, dates, locations, names, drawing, highlighting, etc. Spectator stops at any page and holds onto the book. You begin to call out various words from the book, numbers, doodles, colors, names and all sorts of information. You've also written in playing cards throughout the book. You have the spectator call out their favorite card and then have them find it in the book. Without touching the book you begin to call out information from pages they are looking at, including cards inscribed next to their card!


The Freestyle Book Test uses a method that has now been dubbed, "The Interlocking Mnemonic Lists." You'll be able to incorporate this method into any of your books plus even incorporate the method into other effects. Now you can take any book and use your own personal history to make up a book test. And with a little effort, you can do this in any language. The Freestyle Book Test gives you a book test that looks like no other used in mentalism. "Once agin we mentalists are fortunate to benefit from Greg's unique perspective - and his obsessive-compulsive disorder - as he brings us what may be the most individualized book test yet.

LN $97.00 $62.50 $
A beautifully produced, soft-cover European travel guide, gaffed to high heaven in ways that are only visible to you. An oversize book (5-1/4 x 8 inches) contains more than 100 different photos, city maps for walking tours, pen & ink drawings, travel poster replicas ­ all distributed through 235 pages of text ­ and no two pages are alike. Reveal a single word or, if you wish, uncannily describe the subject matter of multiple sentences; Your participant can look at any page in the book and you will be able to accurately reproduce incredible detail from any drawings, illustrations, and photos which are there - no matter where the book is opened. Mentally follow your participants


as they take out-of-body walking tours, specifically identifying the tourist attractions where they stop; Draw or sketch images merely visualized in your participant's mind. And that's just for starters! No duplicate photos, illustrations, maps, or blocks of text.Every page is truly different. No crib sheets or extraneous devices required. No long/short words. No anagrams. No forces. No impressions. No pre-show work. Nothing added or taken away. Double Vision is totally self-contained and can be performed as a stand-alone routine or used to compliment other book tests such as Ultimate Flashback and DreamTest.

VG $150.00 $115.00 $
This work contains six of Kenton's most unusual effects and methods. Previously unreleased except to a private few, these concepts will challenge you. Far from the "ordinary" this manuscript details: How to find a card by "channeling" a
spectatorPerform a routine in which words and scent are the actual method. Make vanished coins or charms reappear inside a lit candle.
And much more, of course, including further effects and presentations, more extended and diverse applications, and new gut - level essays.
VG $40.00 $24.95 $
MT37695 MINDBENDER CARD BEND DVD - Just imagine being able to take any card at any time from anyone and being how to make it bend without touching it and without using any gimmicks! ANTHONY BILLAN LN $0.00 $14.50
Just Reduced


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