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All together its a complete education on metal bending Theory, techniques & props.

3 DVDs - Psychokinetic Silverware Gerry & Banachek - Worlds Greatest Magic L&L Publishing, Secrets of Metal Bending - Metal Bending, The Real Work Patrick Cuffs

Props - Liquid Forks A large box of bendable forks - World Magic Shop, Heat Treated Forks Set of 10 - Prop Dog

Manuscripts - Metal Blast Richard Osterlind, Nu Twists Alan Nu Notes

 VG $0.00 $115.00 $
This normal looking calculator can be used as a normal calculator. You control the number you want to force (up to 8 digits) and you can change it whenever you want according to your needs. With this calculator you can make many mine reading effects.
Several spectators are asking to freely chose numbers and make different math calculations (add, deduct, multiply etc). Final result will match your prediction. You can change it every time to suit your needs. Spectators can check the calculator even after you have entered your secret number. Can be use also for Add-A-Number effect. Size is 4 x 6 inches. NEW $0.00 $34.95 $
Inscribe is the most innovative master prediction system in the market.From the beginning an envelope sealed on the clear box and remain untouched until the end of the routine.Then we gather information from audience as the routine you create.The best part is the audience is the one that open the box.Magician take the sealed envelope and hand it over to the audience.Inside consist an exact prediction as you wish.Any type of prediction texts numbers or even any doodle.The possibilities are as far as your wild imagination of an impossible prediction looks great for either parlor and stage act.Produce a great effect with minimum effort.Can be done without using assistant and more importantly it packs light.Beautifully crafted by Tjiu MagicWon't trouble you to operate it because it comes with everything you need and detailed instruction how to perform and how to prepare the device.Let your wildest imagination take you to the limit no magicians ever thought before.


 LN $500.00


Ships Free

Switch Board, Scott Magic Co., A simple and deceptive method for switching a small envelope or adding an envelope, and it can be used for a Bank Night effect.

VG $0.00 $27.50 $
MT54691 PSYPER - Very good impression pad, extra pen, and cards, retail $90, Works with a card case/or note pad for spectator to write on. ? VG $90.00 $49.00 $


Mental Dice Miracle. “This wonderful new effect from Devil offers a lot of ideas to any mental magician. The performer can always see the result of the die.” Only a few effects have been built!! Description: A Die is thrown inbto a circle and the performer is always capable of knowing the outcome. Digital Read out.


Performance Video Link

 NEW  $0.00  $2,180.00  $


Four spectators, each one gets a note pad and a sharpie. Each one writes his dream place for his next vacation. Each spectator is tearing the page, crumbles the page into a small ball and toss it inside a paper bag. The magician, one by one, reveals their dream vacation and for the last spectator even without taking the ball from the paper bag. Can be use with places, names, drawing, products etc. Comes with 4 note pad that will allow you around 50 shows. (5.5” x 3.5”, 14 x 9 cm)

 NEW  $0.00  $39.50 $


Magician challenges the volunteer to a game of “Tic Tac Toe”. After a thrilling game, the result will be a draw but not to worry! the magician always has an insurance, and finally he predicts the game result with a Tattoo on his body that matches 100%. What you receive: 30 tattoos 2ª2” (5ª5 cm), which allows you 30 days of performing or even more as the Tattoo lasts up to a week with clear visibility. Also included, an explanation instruction for the basic routine. A must for close-up and trade shows workers. A fun child’s game turns into a KILLER routine! A Must for any work-around close up performer.


 NEW  $0.00  $19.99  $


Quatro wallet is a new multiple outs wallet that can be used for 4, 8 or even more outs. The wallet is a great utility tool for close-up/walk around workers and for mentalist for stage or parlor. Use the wallet with cards, books, newspapers, magazine and everyday objects, or even as a switching device for billets, bills and more. The wallet is made from high quality soft leather, comes in a box with a deck of cards and an explanation video sharing some ideas and routines for close up and stage. The wallet has a special marking so you could always know the orientation of your outcome. The wallet itself is 3.5 x 5 (9 x 12.5cm) and very thin. A must for close up workers and Mentalist’s just toss it into your jeans pocket and you are ready to go!


 NEW  $0.00  $62.00  $
Amaze your audience with an incredible display of super-power memory with the serial numbers on borrowed bills and then floor them with a prediction made before the show with thos same borrowed bills. Revealed on DVD for the very first time, Dave Jones' hit Serial Number routine complete with quality gimmicked leather wallet! Perfect for stage and close-up! CONTENTS: Instructional DVD explaining everything in complete detail, complete with specially gimmicked high quality leather wallet.

LN $45.00 $32.50 $
MT54354 SENSATIONAL PERCEPTION - A welcome addition to any mentalist's act. With this device, you will be able to announce the correct words, numbers, or pictures created by the audience with amazing accuracy. Or, have someone pick any card from any deck and know exactly what it is. The possibilities here are limitless!
Sense-ational Perception - an electronic queueing device for a 2-person mentalism act,
enabling you to perform all the above and so much more. Possibilities are endless for this wonderful state-of-the-art device (it's small too, about the size of a deck of cards). Once you perform onstage, you'll never be without it!
NEW $145.00 $110.00 $


 It will come with a 9 page instruction manual which helps explain the effects which may be performed. It makes predictions of what an individual decides.
Here is a brief description - A nicely made effect of painted wood. The case holds large wooden dominoes which can be used to create a series of prediction type effects. Stands approx. 21" tall. Four variations of the Mental Effect - a person can remove the dominoes and place them back, the Talisman of Zotte will indicate the exact number which have been moved - the participant will select a card from the selected set of numbered cards. the Talisman determines the selected number correctly. - A participant is asked to merely think of a number while holding the Talisman, and the Talisman will correctly indicate the though of number. Talisman will influence a person to think of a number in advance


 VG $0.00 $699.00 $
 MT54075  MIRAGE - Description: You give a regular erasable board to a volunteer and ask her to draw something on the board while you turn away. After she is finished, you take the board, (with its back to you), and show it to the audience. You then ask the volunteer to wipe out the drawing. You take the same (or another) board and duplicate the exact drawing!. Board has no gimmicks -- it is a regular erasable board that you can find in any office supply store. Gimmick is in the eraser, but no one notices it not even the volunteer who erases the drawing! You manage to see the drawing on stage while everybody is looking at you -- and they don't have a clue. It seems totally impromptu: Draw a picture, erase it and Ill know what it is!  NEW $95.00 $85.00 $

LN $0.00 $29.00 $

NEW $40.00 $24.00 $

LN $0.00 $39.50 $
MT54013 ESP CARD DECK - 25 CARDS BLANK BACKS ? VG $0.00 $6.50 $
A card at any number effect for the real world! A single red-backed prediction card is placed face-down in full view of the audience. The spectator names any number between 1 and 52 (e.g.17). The performer hands him a blue backed deck and asks him to have a look through it to confirm that it is simply a regular deck of cards - the spectator confirms that it is.
He is then instructed to deal down to the seventeenth card and place it next to the prediction. Without any moves or switches, the performer turns over both the selection and the prediction - they match! No sleight-of-hand? No equivoque? No switches? No extra props? No problem! Mike Rose's brilliant approach to the 'card at any number' plot satisfies the need for a worker's solution to this commercial effect. This is so clean and direct that it will go straight into your act!
NEW $25.00 $17.50 $
In this booklet Luca Volpe explains his version Pseudo-Psychometry, as performed in his TV Show. Four ladies are each given a lipstick, a piece of paper, a pen and an envelope and they are each asked to write their signature on the piece of paper and to put it inside the envelope. Once this is completed each lady applies their lipstick and places a kiss on the envelope, the envelopes are collected and shuffled while the performer has his back turned.
The performer is not only able to match each lipstick mark with each lady but is also able to tell them personal information about themselves like their star sign, favourite color and much more... information that he couldn't possibly know! Included in the booklet is an extra finale with a chair test revelation. A new entertaining way to present a psychometry routine that your audience will never forget.
 LN $0.00 $9.99 $
Ships Free
USA Only
The Ultimate Book Test teaches YOU: How to read MULTIPLE spectator's minds! Maximize the impact of a 5 PHASE routine. Blow your spectator's minds with a BUILT-IN DRAWING duplication
Comes complete with: 2 books - Extra BONUS effects included - Detailed script built on a lifetime of performances If you have ever dreamed of performing a book test routine, you cannot be without it.
LUCA VOLPE LN $0.00 $66.00 $
Complete with a custom designed /printed book & instructional DVD which will get you using the Oasis book test in minutes!! The Oasis book test makes a great standalone mental effect or can be a feature part of a larger mindreading routine. The Oasis is a custom designed and printed book with over 300 pages for your spectators to choose from. Phase One - Hand your spectator a book and get someone to name a random page number. Your spectator opens the book to that page and is directed to think of either the first or last word on the top line. They visualise the word as an image and you start describing the image & word they are thinking of.


Phase two - Another spectator opens the book to any page and chooses a word from the middle. Once again you read their mind with deadly accuracy!! The Oasis Book test takes a few minutes to learn and is as direct as a bullet from a gun!
Great for anyone that wants to add some incredible mindreading to their act. No fishing or guessing for the first letters Words used are easily visualized as images by your spectator. Allowing for a fuller mind-reading experience Learn In Minutes No Memory Work Required Use one or more spectators

LN $0.00


Condition Very Good, used for a very limited run during 5 days and not used since. Set consists of: Cesaral slim display - Stamp reader & ink pad (text Top Secret) Separate slimline reader - Battery tester - All cables - 5 extra chips - 2 decks (red bikes; one split, one PVC) - Custom 6 cards stand made by Eric Samuels (slimline reader fits inside) - Located in Finland.

 VG $0.00 $1,555.00 $
MT53679  FOUR TOLD AND JUMBO 11.5 X 14
Four Told Regular size and instructions
- Performer shows a chart consisting of five colored ESP symbols. He invites four people to participate. Each participant is asked to just think of an ESP symbol shown on the chart. The participants write nothing down, they just think of a symbol. There are no restrictions. Each person could be thinking of a different symbol, or they all could be thinking of the same symbol. They do not share their thoughts with each other. The performer begins to get impressions and calls out three symbols. He says, "If I have called out the symbol you are thinking of, please close your eyes and draw the symbol in your mind." The performer then tells the participants to open their eyes and clear their minds. He then asks them to concentrate on the colors of their symbols. The performer then begins to call out colors he is getting strong impressions of. He says, "If I have called out the color you are thinking of, please close your eyes and visualize it in your mind." The performer does not ask any questions. The participants say nothing; they just close their eyes and think. The performer takes an ESP deck and hands each participant a face-down card. Only after each person is given a face-down card does the performer ask the participants to reveal their thought-of symbols. Amazingly, when the face-down ESP cards are shown, they match each participant's thought-of symbol. For a stunning climax, the performer points to several people in the audience and asks if they were also thinking of a symbol. With no questions or fishing, the performer then reveals the symbols just thought of by members of the audience. All this is done without any pre-show work of any kind!


 LN $00.00 $22.50 $
Peter Duffie and Aldo Colombini have put their heads together to create the Perpetual Calendar! What you get is four new routines for the classic Diary Trick. The diary that comes with the effect is printed in gold and black, and so nice, you will want to keep it in your pocket always. The four routines: Centrifugal Diary: A prediction is given to a spectator to hold. A specific month and day are selected by cutting a deck of cards at random.
The prediction is 100$ correct. Have A Date: A card is predicted by the magician using a calendar! The Diary of Delusion: A selected card is predicted using a pocket calendar! Birthday Location: A spectator announces his or her birthday. A card is found at the same date in the diary. The same card in the deck is the only one have a different colored back! The magic is great. The diary is very nice. And the price is right.
NEW $15.00 $7.50 $
MT53602 SEE THROUGH BLINDFOLD - BLACK ? NEW $0.00 $11.99 $
- Any magician or mentalist using a force bag knows the value and power this utility prop offers. With the completely see-through Alpha Force Bag you're guaranteed easy, sure-fire operation, deceptiveness and accuracy with any object you wish to force! Predict chosen newspaper headlines, lottery numbers, selected cards, even which key will open a lock! And you never have to touch anything--the bag does all the work for you!


A must for any performing magician or mentalist, from children's entertainer to the serious mentalist.
SUPERBAG - A new transparent forcing bag that can be performed on stage, parlour or close up. The perfect tool to force handkerchiefs, playing cards, papers, pencils, etc. Complete with instructions.

 VG $57.00 $28.50  $
Magician holds a dry erasable board with 16 squares printed on it (12"x17"). Audience chose a number. Magician fills board with random numbers. Over 24 combinations to match selected number. Great for stage, cabaret, mentalism, school shows etc. Very light double side erasable board.

NEW $0.00 $35.00 $

KEY ROULETTE - A bill is secured in a plastic frame and a padlock is snapped shut through the frame. 6 keys are shown to the spectators. The magician demonstrates that one of the keys can open the padlock and he mixes it with all the other keys. Five volunteers are given a free choice of key leaving one key to the magician. They are told that if their key will open the lock they will win a prize. Before each volunteer opens the lock, he gets an option to change his key with the magicians key. Each one of the volunteers tries his key to open the lock but only the last key that is left to the magician opens the lock, leaving the prize with the magician!

No force of any kind, the magician wins with the last key. great effect at any show: children, adults and trade shows. Frame will hold most sizes of bills and can be used as well for show tickets, fly tickets or any other flat objects.

NEW $0.00 $66.00 $
This mechanical device will cause the lit candle to tilt and catch fire to the bag containing a borrowed bill to great comedy effect. Product Description: It all starts out innocently enough. Borrow a large denomination bill. Have the spectator sign his bill. Place the bill in an envelope and mix it up with three other envelopes. The spectator chooses one envelope. The selected envelope is mounted on a stand in front of a lit candle.
One by one the three other envelopes are held to the candle flame burned to ashes. The selected envelope is still attached to the stand, in full view. You walk forward to explain exactly what has happened. While you are talking, and without your knowledge, the candle begins to slowly tilt until the flame makes contact with the selected envelope. This envelope goes up in flames as well. But, what about the borrowed bill? After lots of comedy byplay, the bill ends up inside a sealed envelope inside your wallet.
VG $0.00 $99.00 $
 MT53030 STEAM 2.0
ONE OF THE WORLD'S MOST INGENIOUS MIND-READING SECRETS PERFECTED! Based on Marc Salem's BROTHER OF ALL DUPLICATIONS PRINCIPLE. You instantly know what she secretly wrote on a blank business card...while the face-down card is covered by her hand -- or a bunch of hands -- or even a book! THE PERFECT PROPS - THE PERFECT PRESENTATION - THE PERFECT SECRET - THE PERFECT EVERYTHING! YOU NEVER HAVE TO TOUCH OR EVEN SEE THE CARD...YET YOU ALWAYS KNOW EXACTLY WHAT SHE HAS DRAWN! You can even turn your back while the spectator writes her secret word and covers it with her hand (and whatever else she wants to cover it with). You can even have a spectator cover your eyes with her hands.


You can even be in a different room and direct her over the phone. And yet, when you come back into the room, you can still discover her secret word or drawing! Very Very Easy to do. STEAM 2.0 is basically self-working. No carbon copies. No electronics. Special blank business card stock stays completely blank on the back after writing. No one can see through the back of the card. You never have to "peek" the card. Turn your back to the spectator or be out of the room while she writes and covers her word. 5 second reset. Adapt to your own Sharpie. Completely self contained. Nothing to secretly load, switch or ditch. Everything can be examined. Note: The bonus bills did not come with this trick.

 LN $44.95 $24.95 $
A close-up effect that looks and works like real magic, right under their nose, or even in their own hands. The performer displays a nut and bolt, which can be thoroughly examined by the audience. This is placed isolated on the close-up case, and the bolt visibly un-threads off the nut. The effect is most uncanny. The spectator may himself pick up the nut and bolt off the case, and examine them. The effect can be repeated as often as you like. You can even work it in reverse, having the bolt thread into the nut instead of threading out.
This does not use any of the traditional methods - no strings, springs, rubber bands, wires or pulls. Although gimmicked, the nut and bolt will stand the most rigid scrutiny, as there is nothing attached to the nut or bolt. This is an improved version of our Ultra Bolt & Nut Miracle, introduced several years ago. We supply you an attractive close-up case (13" x 8" x 2.25"), with a velvet top which also serves as a close-up mat. You can carry your other close-up items in the case, and perform them on this case, followed by the miracle effect for the climax. LN $140.00 $89.00 $
Place two wedding rings on the combination lock. They can't open the lock - however you mentally change the lock to their wedding date. They enter the year and the lock opens.
MIGHELLS LN $0.00 $49.00 $
The magician displays three brass keys to the audience and hands them out for examination. One of the keys is selected and handed back to the magician. He holds the key by its crown end between the thumb and index finger of one hand and begins to rub it between his fingers. Slowly, the shaft of the key visibly begins to melt and bend downward! The shaft is not pushed down with another finger-it visibly bends down on its own while the back is held between the thumb and index finger.


Once bent, the key is immediately dropped into a spectator's waiting hand for complete inspection. Key Melt comes complete with the secret gimmick, retouching materials, detailed instruction booklet with lots of bonus routines and alternative handlings, all of the necessary keys and a special Bicycle back card (used in bonus routine).

LN $49.95 $35.00 $
The performer displays a large cloth bag and places it in full view of the audience, stating that he would like to try an experiment in mindreading. The difference with this experiment, however, is that the SPECTATOR will read the PERFORMER's mind! He goes on to explain to the audience that inside the bag is a board on which he has written the name of a playing card (or a number, a geometric sign, almost anything) and hands the spectator a note pad and pen.
They are asked to concentrate on what the performer is thinking of and write it down on the pad, then show it their guess to everyone else in the audience. After the spectator makes their best attempt, the performer hands the closed bag to the spectator, who opens it up and takes the board out himself. On the board is written exactly the same message as on the note pad! The message on the board is written in large, bold letters, suitable for stage performances. The spectator may examine everything. No fishing, stooges, carbon papers or electronics. Resets instantly.
VG $50.00 $32.50 $
The Cobra Light is an electronic marvel packed into a mini switchboard, giving you the power and ability to perform mental masterpieces! Numerous effects are available with this compact bit of kit, and the best part is that your spectators can handle the item throughout. No careful guarding or secretive moves - everything is out in the open. Effect 1: You show the switchboard with three lights (red, green and yellow) and three switches below each light. Each switch turns on its light. You now offer your spectator three coloured covers for the switches and allow them to cover each switch with a colour of their choice. Amazingly, when the turn on the switches, each new coloured switch lights up its corresponding light. Effect 2: You now show that the coloured lights are all in fact the same, just with coloured glass caps.
You remove all the caps and allow the spectator to replace them in any order so that the red, green and yellow lights are in a different order than they started out in. Amazingly, when the switches are turned on, each colour once again lights up its corresponding light. Effect 3: You now offer the spectator a chance to read your mind. Without them seeing, you secretly turn on one coloured light and place the switchboard face down. You ask them to concentrate on one of the colours, and once they announce a colour, you turn over the switchboard and that colour is the only one lit up. Effect 4: In a reverse of effect 3, you now ask the spectator to switch on any colour without showing you, and then place it face down. You then read their mind and reveal what colour they are thinking, and you turn over the switchboard to prove you are correct as it's the only colour lit up. The Cobra Light is a self-contained, self-working, portable unit and represents a new approach to a classic of magic. We're sure you'll love the effects you'll get with this mini-marvel so get yours now while you can. MINT $168.00 $125.00 $
(This version is for magicians who already own a Micro 5 PK Prop.) This item contains 4 complete effects, plus a bonus routine. Includes all items needed to perform each of the 4 main effects. Effect #1 - Rising Pencil. Place an examined pencil on your hand and it slowly rises! A classic effect with a different method. No poking your hand. Pencil can be examined before and immediately after. Nothing added or taken away. Spectator can pick pencil off your hand! Also perform this effect in a spectator's hand! Perform seated at a table or standing/walk around when using a spectator's hand. Effect #2 - Floating Pencil. A pencil and test tube are examined. A spectator can drop the pencil into the test tube and seal with a cap. The performer holds the tube and concentrates and slowly the pencil begins to float up in the tube! Yes, it actually floats! Remove the cap and the pencil floats up, above the top of the tube! No threads or attachments of any kind. Pencil and test tube can be examined before and after! Spectator can actually place the pencil into the tube and remove it! Also perform this effect in a spectator's hand! The performer holds the test tube and places the bottom of the tube against the spectator's hand. Both concentrate and the pencil floats up in the tube. Perform seated at a table or standing/walk around when using a spectator's hand. Effect #3 - Seance Pencil. A silk and pencil are examined. A spectator signs a blank card, which is put under the silk, along with the pencil.


A spirit is called. When it arrives, it lifts the pencil and begins to write - the silk actually rises and moves as the pencil writes! When the silk is opened, the signed card is found to have a message written upon it. Again, all can be examined. Great for seance and spooky magic! Effect #4 - Psychometry Pencils. Six different colored pencils and six envelopes are examined. A spectator picks one pencil and puts it in any envelope. The remaining 5 pencils are each put into a separate envelopes. All six envelopes are mixed, so no one, the performer or spectators, know which envelope contains the selected pencil (true!). The performer counts the envelopes into a row and a spectator selects one. This envelope is opened by the spectator, who discovers it contains her selected pencil. An alternate ending has the performer locating the correct pencil by sensing the energy that was placed on the selected pencil by the spectator. No sight clues! No marked envelopes. Everything is examinable before and after! The latter version can be performed at the table or standing/walk around.
Bonus Routine: Ultra Spirit. A box with a hole in the lid is examined. A blank card is signed by a spectator and dropped into the box. A pencil with a string attached to the non-writing end, is dropped into the box, via the hole. The spectator holds the end of the string. A spirit arrives and begins to write a message on the card. As it writes, the string becomes taut and the spectator actually feels tugging on the string. They will scream! When the box is opened, the signed card is found with a message written on it! Again, all can be examined. This version of Phantom Pencils requires a Pro PK Kit. It includes: six different colored pencils (one specially gaffed), envelopes, silk, test tube, out-to-lunch pack and illustrated instructions.

LN $39.95 $27.50 $
This is a crystal clear plastic box that is completely transparent that allows the magician to switch two different bills, notes, or coins. The magician gets a bill from an audience member and the owner of the bill folds it. The box is on a ribbon which is hung over the spectator's neck. The magician then predicts the serial number which is on the bill...A dollar bill can turn into a hundred, or even a coin. Create almost any mind reading effect with this box! Includes instructions.
KOONTZ LN $0.00 $85.00 $
MT52898 COLD READING THE FUTURE WITH NUMEROLOGY BOOK - This book teaches you how to use basic numerology to answer your clients questions about the future. Will I be happy? Will my marriage last? Should I change jobs? These, and many more, are the typical questions that psychics are regularly asked. RICHARD WEBSTER
This book will help you to predict the trends in your clients lives, and provide satisfactory answers to their questions about the future. A bonus booklet called You and Your Lucky Numbers is enclosed, and you have full permission to reprint or use it in any other way, with your name as author. 64 pages.
LN $35.00 $22.50 $
Hand your participant this 32-page, 9" x 12" Clip Art book which is virtually identical to those found in art stores and graphic supply outlets, even to the two-color cover. It contains hundreds of easily recognized, high-resolution corporate logos. All of them different - no duplicates. Your helper opens the book to a page and thinks of one corporate symbol. You can then name it, draw it, describe the product or the service it represents, or use it as a part of a more involved routine!
The W.B.T. is a utility item which packs flat and lets you play it as big as you wish. While your spectator will believe that his choice is one among hundreds of possibilities. in fact, he is psychologically guided, in a very subtle manner, to a smaller, known set of designs... Just like those expensive book test you already know. Best of all, you get two books, each with a different selection of potential choices - perfect for repeat shows!
LN $75.00 $45.00 $
The audience is invited to concentrate on a freely selected jumbo card. A spectator is invited on stage who was not privvy to the selection, divines its name by gazing into a crystal ball. The apparatus is handcrafted to Martins strict specifications.

NEW $200.00 $149.00 SOLD
MT52710 PROFESSIONAL CRYSTAL BALL - 4 INCH DIAMETER - These are the finest quality imported from Italy genuine crystal ball. The ball is sparkling clear - and heavy - weighs about 3 lbs.

LN $0.00 $79.00 $
"The bumper sticker," begins the performer as he shows a selection of them - all of which are cut in half, "is a source of 5-Star wisdom often using four-letter words. They're a short form expression of attitude, philosophy, and humor. You can find them at truck stops, novelty shops, and bargain swaps. He shows the halves of two different bumper stickers saying, "If you cut them in half and mismatch them, the results can be interesting." (The audience will laugh at a couple of the combinations, we designed them for that purpose.) Placing a business envelope in full view, he continues, "There are halves of two different bumper suckers in here (they can be seen through the address window) that usually combine with others to get an amusing reaction." "One of you will choose another half from these," the performer continues, spreading the stack of severed stickers face up for a nearby participant. "As you can see, there are more than two dozen random possibilities. Which one would you like." After the helper freely chooses one of the halves the Mentalist instructs, "That was an intentional choice, influenced perhaps by color or subject matter. Next, you will select one unseen." He turns the stack of half-stickers face down and reminds, "Because it's selected blindly, and randomly, it will be a surprise for both of us" "I'll keep you in suspense a moment longer," remarks the performer, as he withdraws one of the sticker-halves from the envelope (with its back toward the audience) to align with the unseen sticker-half. "This combination doesn't work," the performer informs, tucking it back in the envelope and pulling out the other one inside. "Hopefully this combination will be better."


He aligns it with the randomly selected half, smiles, and tucks the pair partially in his breast pocket, still (and always) fully visible to the audience. "Let's try the half sticker you picked earlier," suggests the Mentalist, reaching for the participant's piece. He aligns it with the remaining half from the envelope and his eyebrows go up. "Well, this is weird," remarks the entertainer. He turns them around: they are opposite ends of the same bumper sticker! "But I promised you something funny," reminds the Mentalist, removing the pair of half-stickers from his breast pocket. "And this is funny!" He holds them up for everyone to see; the second pair is also a perfect match! You get everything you need to perform this outstanding routine, bumper stickers, an ungimmicked window envelope, a 'special something' and instructions. The 'bumper stickers' are printed on glossy card stock and pre-cut into halves. There is a simple, one-time setup task that takes ten minutes or less and you're good to go for years to come.
NEW $99.00 $49.50 $
You wrap the deck in rubber bands and throw it out to a person in the audience. You instruct him to open the deck anywhere he likes and remember one of the cards. You instruct him to throw the deck to anybody in the audience. That person is instructed to do the same thing. This is done to five different persons.


You ask the people to stand. You proceed to name each person's card and the people who heard their card named will sit down. As a climax you will still have one person standing, and he will say that you have not yet named his card. You name his card out loud, and you will get a standing ovation. Comes complete with gimmicked Bicycle Deck and the instruction.
NEW $0.00 $16.99 $
Effect - A spectator selects a random Sudoku puzzle and copies it onto a large blank grid so that everyone can see the puzzle. The magician studies the grid for a few seconds and then turns his back to the puzzle. The magician then begins to instantly call out numbers to the spectator and the entire Sudoku puzzle is completed ¡®blind¡&hibar; by the magician. As an extra challenge, the spectator can even be instructed to lie and miswrite the puzzle on the grid at the beginning of the routine ¨C not only will the magician be able to tell which digits are incorrect ¨C but also what they should be!!!
Remember: Spectator genuinely has a free choice of any Sudoku puzzle and every puzzle can clearly be seen to be completely different. The magician instantly calls out ¡®correct¡&hibar; answers to the puzzle. No ¡®fishing¡&hibar; or ¡®outs¡&hibar; required. No mathematics or memory skill required to perform the trick. The secret is completely self-working leaving the magician fully focused on presentation.
Packs small and plays big! ¨C A complete 10 minute stage routine with drama, suspense, intrigue, and what appears to be great skill, and all with this paperback book that fits in your pocket!
All the impossibility and suspense of the Knight¡&hibar;s Tour with the drama of forming a Magic Square. A masterpiece of mental dexterity. Book Dimensions Approximately 6¡å x 9¡å - Pages 140

 MINT $140.00 $99.00 $

Psy Key is the latest product developed by Yves Doumergue. This is a new milestone in metal bending magic. Effect: You borrow a few keys. One is selected by a spectator. Mysteriously under impossible conditions, it bends itself in his hands. Once bent, he can't bend it back. Then, you take it with just your fingertips: the key straightens in full view! You immediately hand it back to its owner. Psy Key looks and feels like a standard key but is indeed very special. Once you touch it, your body heat makes it bend. You'll either be able to add it secretly to a bunch of borrowed key or switch it with a very common, similar type of key. Comes in an aluminum case with all the tools needed to perform this amazing effect and an instructional mini dvd. No freeze spray included because of shipping regulations. Just buy it locally.

MINT $400.00 $275.00 $


Having an amazing effects on the watches of your audience, this new release will make it easy to visibly affect the hand of the watch. It can speed it up or even stop it& Comes complete with gimmick and instructional mini-DVD all contained in aluminum case.

LN $260.00 $149.00 $
MT52621 RAVEN X2
The new two headed Raven (RX2) can quickly, smoothly, and visually switch one solid object for another, in addition to doing everything a Raven can do. The new RX2 expands your horizons and opens new doors! And bends the keys that opens those doors! Effect Examples: RX2 Key Bender A normal key is examined and spectators are invited to try and bend it. They cannot. A spectator places the key on the palm-up hand of the performer. The performer shows the front and back of his other hand, then gently slides it over the key, gives it a slow rub, then moves the hand away and the key is bent. And you are clean. (Included with the RX2 package).

LN $45.00 $29.00 $
If you are looking for a great stage or stand up routine that will play big, this is the one for you! Talking about how a person's name is inseparable, the performer distributes 5 large white cards to five spectators asking them to examine the cards. Performer can be blindfolded for this matter, or stand away. Each of the volunteers is asked to write his name on his card. The five spectators choose any one of 5 identical envelopes and each puts their card inside an envelope. One of the spectators collects the envelopes and is asked to shuffle and spread them on the table in random order. Performer, comes back still blindfolded (if wishes), goes to table, lifts envelopes and giving them one by one - back to the spectators.

When the envelopes are opened each of the spectators find his name on the card he holds.Resets in seconds, works 100% every time, can use also drawings, numbers or any other information you wish.
Including 5 wooden erasable cards, 5 envelopes and 5 erasable markers.
NEW $95.00 $69.95 $

(possibly the best availabe)


NEW $0.00 $24.95 $
Magician holds a dry erasable board with 16 squares printed on it (12"x17"). Audience choose a number. Magician fills board with random numbers. Over 24 combinations to match selected number. Great for stage, cabaret, mentalism, school shows etc. Very light double side erasable board.

LN $0.00 $35.95 $
MT51209 NATURAL FORCE BOOK ? NEW $0.00 $15.50 $
MT51178 NOTE

Finally, there is a word to body effect that is not only simple to do but is virtually impromptu. Matt Sconce and Paper Crane present "Note". Note is a rare effect in the world of magic products. It's not often that buyers have the opportunity to get an effect that is not only a TV caliber magic effect but also has the practicality of the simplest impromptu card effect. Note is portable, packs flat, is easy to do, is virtually impromptu, and is magic effect that you will be doing in just about every situation.
Note is easy to do, requires no lengthy arts & crafts time, and can be performed at a moment's notice. When you learn the extremely clever method to Note YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE HOW PRACTICAL IT IS. With Note you can make any message, word, card, shape or drawing appear on the spectators body. This is not like other methods where the set up is difficult and can be impractical for everyday use. Note is something that you can do within minutes of opening the package, IT'S JUST THAT EASY.
LN $30.00 $8.95 $
Your spectator is handed a single Business card and a pen. They draw any image on the card and seal it into an envelope. They keep hold of the envelope at all times. You now start to read their mind and duplicate the drawing! Points to note. They do not lean on anything while drawing & at no point do you look at the face of the card. Yet you can still duplicate the drawing with frightening accuracy! Designed to be suitable for close up & walkabout situations as well as stage,parlour or Pre Show performances.
Each Ghost Pad is crafted to Paul Nardini's exact specifications by Alakazam Magic & Tony Curtis resulting in one of the finest, most ingenious drawing duplication systems ever. The Ghost Pad uses a method that is as ingenious as the effect itself! Each Ghost Pad kit comes complete with everything you need to start performing the moment you have watched the instructional DVD, Including access to the restricted Ghost owners FaceBook group, where you can share ideas & routines with other Ghost Pad users!.
LN $113.50 $89.95 $
PENomenon Writer is a revolutionary new nail writer device that was invented and perfected for every-day situations. It gives the performer the ability to make visible live predictions appear on any surface, paper, wood, concrete-floor, glass, or mirrors and even on beer bottles and soda cans. Use it for TV, on the streets, in trade-shows to promote products, or in live performances for audiences of 10 or 1000, with PENomenon Writer your predictions will always be clearly visible, even from a distance. It looks like you wrote it with a Sharpie. You will never use other principles again! This is the gimmick with the instruction in Black (DVD is not included).

NEW $40.00 $33.75 $
Peter Duffie and Aldo Colombini have put their heads together to create the Perpetual Calendar! What you get is four new routines for the classic Diary Trick. The diary that comes with the effect is printed in gold and black, and so nice, you will want to keep it in your pocket always. The four routines: Centrifugal Diary: A prediction is given to a spectator to hold. A specific month and day are selected by cutting a deck of cards at random.
The prediction is 100$ correct. Have A Date: A card is predicted by the magician using a calendar! The Diary of Delusion: A selected card is predicted using a pocket calendar! Birthday Location: A spectator announces his or her birthday. A card is found at the same date in the diary. The same card in the deck is the only one have a different colored back! The magic is great. The diary is very nice. And the price is right.
NEW $15.00 $7.50 $
Glass breaking table with timer - manual operation - has a flange for table base but table base was lost in travel.
BAZAR DE MAGIA VG $0.00 $149.00 $
Five brass rods each with different color stripes around them at the bottom are shown and examined. A brass tube with a scree top is then opened and handed out. One of he rods is selected and placed in the tube and screwed closed. Performer guesses correctly which color is in the tube. Totally examinable - a little miracle.
VIKING LN $0.00 $45.00 $
Two spectators one male and one female select cards from an examined and shuffled deck using what appear to be ultra-fair conditions. The magician does not touch the deck during this process.
They concentrate on their cards, and the
MIND BALL not only reveals which cards were selected, but whose is whose!The male spectator is left with a card in front of him, the female spectator with a card in front of her.
LN $55.00 $30.50 $
performer picks up a spoon on the table, holds it at his fingertips, and proceeds to concentrate. Slowly, eerily, and methodically, the bowl of the spoon begins to bend until it is at a 90 degree angle. So far, nothing original, until you TAKE THAT VERY SAME SPOON and display it in its bent position, dropping it on the table.* No special set-up involved * No chemicals *


Completely self-contained * The gimmick is nearly invisible * Can be performed completely surrounded * Can be instantly repeated with no reset involved * You can choose whether the body of the spoon or the bowl of the spoon bends

LN $34.95 $23.50 $
MT49393 ASH FELT - You talk about the power of the flames and how images can sometimes materialize from the ashes, how the images can become really strong and powerful. Is it our minds? Or maybe our imagination? What is real and what is not?
As you explain, you proceed and hand a spectator a felt tip pen and a piece of tissue paper with the request that he will either write a number upon ti if he is a business type person, or a letter if he is more of romantic. You then ask him to show the audience what he has written.
When he has done this, you tell him to crumple the piece of tissue paper and place it in an ashtray. You then hand him a box of matches (or a lighter) and ask him to burn the paper until it turns to nothing but burnt ashes. You then proceed and reach into the ashes. You gather the burnt ashes and slowly sprinkle them up on the back of you hand. As you "Brush off" the ashes, slowly and visible, whatever the spectator wrote appears written in ashes on the back of your hand. No force of any kind is used Spectator can write anything on the paper - NO pre-show work - NO stooges or confederates.
LN $22.95 $14.95 $
MT49266 DICE UP - (INCLUDES 4 SETS OF COLORED DICE) ? NEW $15.00 $4.95 $

VG $11.95 $11.95 $


(possibly the best availabe)


NEW $0.00 $24.95 $
Never before has it been possible to perform such a pure flight under such practical conditions. This system encompasses a flight without sacrificing height, angles, or visual appeal. Original in mechanics, technique, and style, this innovative system is unlike any other. This is a levitation you will perform - and perform often.
ENCHANTMENT LN $20.00 $11.95 $
A new utility wallet that adds real punching power to the arsenal of the professional mentalist. A synthesis of some of the most deceptive principles in mentalism, Chimera combines a performance-proven real world peek with the ability to steal and load billets, predictions and business cards and nailwrite on cards inserted inside the wallet. Chimera can also function as an out-to-lunch wallet and contains an A7 sized notepad that can be swapped in for a Janus Pad or Invisible Assistant (sold separately), two of the best
impression pads of recent times thus enabling the modular addition of multiple information gathering techniques. The wallet measures 10.5 cm x 8.5 cm and each one is handmade in England by Savile Row craftsmen out of black premium Italian chromium tanned leather. Internally it features two credit/business card pockets, a pen loop, A7 pad and large pocket behind the pad to store ESP cards or packet tricks and is finished with gold corners. The Chimera is aimed at experienced or professional mentalists and as such comes with basic handling instructions only.
LN $105.00 $69.00 $
MT48678 MENTALIST DRY ERASE (BOARD ONLY) - A dry erasable utility board, double side, with 16 squares printed on it (12"x17"). Use it for magic squares and the other side as erasable board. Very lightweight for transit.SHIPS FROM ISRAEL

NEW $0.00 $22.50 $
I have an effect that is LIKE NEW. IT has been opened and "assembled" i.e. prepared so it's ready to go, but I never used it. It is an effect that has been discontinued as one of the main uses involved the spectator calling a phone number and the line is now shut down for good, I believe. Anyway, it's a mentalism effect that still has some good uses. It is Caller I.D. Here is description: Caller I.D. by Larry Becker and Lee Earle Great concept for the mentalist allowing you to do a variety of routines with a beautiful binder filled with an assortment of business cards of
all varieties. One of the main original routines involved the spectator calling the phone number on a selected business card but that can no longer be performed (special arrangement with phone company that is now expired). Everything is in mint condition--I set the whole thing up (which takes about an hour or more) but never used it. Caller I.D. comes with a quality Day-runner-style zippered binder, the pages to hold more than six dozen professionally designed and printed business cards, pen, calculator,full instructions and awesome 'secret something' that makes it possible.
LN $300.00 $25.00 $
Materialize a spectator's thought onto a signed blank card - Imagine being able to turn a SIGNED double blank card into a thought of playing card. Front AND Back, with the spectator's SIGNATURE on the FACE of the card!
SM PRODUCTIONZ LN $24.95 $14.95 $
A clear small plastic box that can switch automatically any small paper (memo papers, Money etc...) Endless choices of effects can be done with this box, for example: You borrow a bill from a spectator (let's say $20) you ask him to fold it and place into the small clear box for safe keeping! The box is then hanged on his neck for best view. You then write on a piece of paper some numbers. You ask the spectator to take out the money from the box and to read the serial numbers of his bill; the numbers are matches your written prediction! Create almost any mind reading effect from this box!

NEW $0.00 $169.00 $
VOL 1, 2, 3, (3 DVDS)
BARRIE RICHARDSON LN $105.00 $75.00 $
Critically acclaimed TV-Street Mentalist Chester Sass has put pen to paper to share the secrets of some of his award-winning routines with you! Following its initial publication in Germany, this mentalism bestseller is now available for the first time in English. In his book, Chester teaches impromptu effects that will knock your audience off their feet!
These effects were developed THROUGH performance FOR performance. Several of these effects have even been performed for millions of viewers and have NEVER failed to amaze! If you're looking for effects that get a MAXIMUM reaction with MINIMUM preparation, this is the book for you!
MINT $49.95 $37.50 $
- What if a participant, under your guide, could enter into a state of heightened sensory awareness and, without knowing how, they could - Imagine and visualize which gun among five is unloaded so that you Could point that gun to your head and safely pull the trigger? - - Sense which envelope among five is the only one containing money Which someone else (and not you) put it in, so that the other four Envelopes could be burned, torn, trashed with full confidence that they Are empty (or containing torn pieces of newspaper)? - - Feel repelled by four chairs and attracted by one, which proves to be the Right one for them? - - Know which Zener symbol you have chosen, and you knowing which One they have? - Avoid a shocking curse and keep the blessings for them? - And all of that by accessing some inner state of focused imagination and Thought power that ancient shamans, monks and priests of practically Every


culture used as a door to connect with the world of their mystical Experiences. - what if they could ? Paolo Cavalli's ATHOS will help you in demonstrating these powerful Feats, and more! Paolo Cavalli's ATHOS comes with a precision made gimmick, Routines, and most importantly, THE SCRIPT which is what makes the Effect as close as possible to the real thing. - BONUS: One bonus routine you can apply to book-tests - (no need for any Gimmicked book-test).
NEW $120.00 $99.00 $
MT46446 PK RING GOLD SIZE 10 (WEDDING BAND STYLE) - The possibilities are endless with this product. One of the best examples is the blindfolded coin or key find. It goes like this: you have several non-ferrous keys or coins on a table. One is chosen by the spectator and marked or signed. All of they are placed and sealed into coin envelopes and mixed up in a bag. BLACKS MAGIC
You are blind folded, reach into the bag, and "find" the coin or key by "feel" to the utter amazement of your audience. If you are into "watches", you can blow a spectators mind by making the watch stop while you concentrate on it or even have them do it. This has been used by lots of magicians with hand held magnets, using the Black's Magic Magnet Ring for this effect allows you to do it without "hiding" the gimmick.
LN $30.00 $19.95 $
MT46444 GHOST GLASS II VIKING VG $20.00 $9.95 $

An astonishing collection of useable effects and the diabolical methods that have made DOCC HILFORD infamous
DOCC HILFORD VG $140.00 $74.00 $
The mentalist says he has made a prediction. It is a prediction dealing with totally random actions that apparently no one could control. During the presentation every choice made appears to be completely random. Despite this, the mentalist has correctly predicted the outcome!
DEVIN KNIGHT VG $20.00 $11.99 $
Performer displays three envelopes - one red, one green, and one yellow. Two spectators, a man, and a woman, are invited to each select an envelope. The choice is fair, but the performer insists he has predicted the spectators actions. We'll assume the man chooses the red, the woman the yellow. Each is asked to open their chosen envelope, remove the papers within, and read out loud the message thereon.


The man reads out "I predict you will choose the red envelope." The woman reads "I predict you will pick the yellow envelope." Of course, the audience assumes this is burlesque mentalism. However, the performer's green envelope contains a paper reading, "I predict I will be left with the green envelope; the man will choose the red; and the woman will choose the yellow!"

MINT $39.95 $29.95 $


Good magic and very original - No handling required for this miracle. A versatile tool with endless possibilities.

NEW $169.00 $135.00 $
Is A True Mental Masterpiece! - After "any" deck of cards is thoroughly shuffled by a spectator, the magician displays three different colored rectangle plates which are placed onto a stand. Sets of three cards are removed from the shuffled deck and placed in front of each colored plate. A spectator then chooses any of the three colored plates and displays their values to the spectator. The spectator is asked to simply choose one of the cards, and the other two are eliminated.
There is no force of the chosen card, no process of elimination, just a totally free choice. Any set of three cards and color can be chosen. Next, an envelope which has been in full view of the audience the entire time is opened. A prediction is removed and it has the correct card in bold letters! Only One Envelope And Prediction Card Are Used No Switches Of Any Kind Totally Free Choice Of Card No Carbons Or Secret Writers Are Used Comes Complete With Colored Plates, Envelope, Gimmick and Stand.
NEW $60.00 $49.00 $
Magician has the spectator choose a card from the deck, once done the magician turns over a prediction that has been sitting on the table the whole time. But the spectator cannot read it, the magician puts a lighter to the back of the paper and the prediction vanishes in front of their eye's leaving the name of the selected card. It can be done with cards, ESP symbols, coins, people's names, numbers as a mental effect. The possibilities are endless. Easy to do! comes complete with instructions and gimmick, you supply your own lighter and cards.

NEW $0.00 $13.50 $
Magician has the spectator choose a card from the deck, once done the magician turns over a prediction that has been sitting on the table the whole time. But the spectator cannot read it, the magician puts a lighter to the back of the paper and the prediction vanishes in front of their eye's leaving the name of the selected card. It can be done with cards, ESP symbols, coins, people's names, numbers as a mental effect. The possibilities are endless. Easy to do! comes complete with instructions and gimmick, you supply your own lighter and cards.

NEW $0.00 $13.50 $
MT44627 52 ON 1 CARD
A mental masterpiece for the millennium. Spectator mentally selects any card from a 52-on-1 jumbo card. You instantly produce a wallet which contains the spectator's MENTALLY SELECTED CARD!
It's that quick and easy! No sleight of hand and resets instantly so it's perfect for the strolling performer Comes complete with wallet, jumbo card and much more.
VG $44.95 $27.50
Just Reduced
MT44423 VALIDATE - WITH DIARY AND DVD - The perfect, ANY card at ANY date diary effect. With only one diary, no outs, no memory work and a regular deck of cards. You can perform this knockout effect. No odd or even dates, absolutely any date can be named. No force this is a different card EVERYTIME. The selected card is ALWAYS printed next to the spectators freely chosen date. ONE DIARY VAL LE VAL
- ANY REGULAR DECK - NO RESET - ANY DATE, ANY CARD - ALWAYS THE RIGHT CARD - NO OUTS - DIARY & DECK CAN BE EXAMINED - LEARN IN 5 MINUTES. Also can be performed using any cellphone, i-phone or palm pilot.
Perfect for strolling, restaurants, NO RESET - Comes with high quality professionally printed diary and step by step instructional dvd.
NEW $35.00 $23.95 $
MT44287 GLIMPSE 20/20 - was originally released back in 2004 as a small manuscript. On this exclusive DVD running for over an hour Marc Spelmann will guide you through each stage of construction, giving hints and tips that didn't make it onto the original release due to space constraints. You'll also see Marc use Glimpse for various routines previously released, along with additional ideas and developements that have evolved since it's first release.


Marc also tips an incredible card to card box under test conditions as well as tips on stack work. Glimpse is an amazing device that is suitable for Magicians and Mentalists in any environment, Close Up, Cabaret or Stage. The possibilities are endless, from the simplest close up routine to an amazing feat of memory on stage! It has the bonus of also being very easy to use!

NEW $37.00 $25.00 $
MT44222 MAGIC FROM THE OVERGROUND - H/C - 227 PAGES - Paul Hallas, the best-selling author of Small But Deadly and the Mindful Mentalism series is back with his best book yet. His new book is a compilation of his favorite effects from the past 25 years. Some have appeared in print in limited edition booklets and magazines (some obscure), some are previously unpublished and others were released as marketed effects. PAUL HALLAS
Of those that have appeared before, some have evolved over the years and additional thoughts are included. You'll find a combination both close-up and mentalism routines, with over 50 routines in all. The close-up magic focuses primarily on cards with a few coin tricks thrown in. Includes an enlightening essay on strolling magic along with a comprehensive list of the best effects to use for strolling magic. Pages 227 - Hardbound with Dust Jacket
LN $40.00 $29.50 $
The spectators mentally concentrate on their individual city and the performer "immediately" reveals the city that both were thinking of! There is no force of the numbers.
They only think of the city's name. No pumping. No questions are asked. Perform immediately after reading the instructions. Can be repeated each time with a different outcome. Terrific for close-up or stage. Wonderful impromptu effect.
LN $0.00 $35.00 $
A member of the audience examines a sketch pad and a felt-tip pen. The spectator is then asked to write his name in large letters across the top sheet of the pad. This sheet is torn into two pieces. One of the pieces is given to the member of the audience, who crumples it up and holds it in his closed hand. The magician draws for example a large eye on the second half and crumples it up as well. As if by voodoo magic, the image the , gimmick and detailed instructions

magician drew on his paper appears on the backside of the half that the audience member is holding! Lovers of ingenious mysteries will delight at this effect from that Maestro of Deception! Werry's method differs fundamentally from the earlier dilettante performances, standard magical techniques and the so-called voodoo priests. Werry's concept is a mental masterpiece, designed to become a classic! Voodoo I comes complete with the special notepad
VG $50.00 $29.95 $
MT43550 PSYCHE - DVD ANDREW GERARD NEW $45.00 $35.00 $
MT43507 TELEPATHIC TIME - A clock is displayed, it is a working, fully functional clock. A spectator is allowed to set the hands at any time if he or she wishes. The performer states that he will make a prediction and proceeds to set the clocks time, from this point, the performer STERLINI
never touches the clock. The spectator removes their wristwatch and sets the time to any random hour and minute. The spectator turns the clocks LED display towards the audience - the time matches exactly the time on the spectator's watch! This is the LED display clock radio model - not a clock with a face as the copy implies.
LN $150.00 $105.00 $
MT43484 MY STORY - H/C - 282 PAGES
Goes beyond anything written elsewhere about this extraordinary man. It tells of Uri's experiments with distinguished scientists - tests that verify beyond doubt the existence of his powers. It describes the series of broadcasts in Europe-when psychic energies were transferred from Uri to viewers in their own homes.
It reports the strange and apparently interrelated phenomena that began in Israel: voices speaking from tape recorders, objects levitating or disappearing and reappearing, encounters with flying saucers. And it ends with the strangest event of all - one never before revealed - at once the, epitome and the culmination of all that has gone before. Uri Geller's autobiography is a story that staggers the mind.
LN $0.00 $13.50 $


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