How To Bid
(Bids placed on weekends and holidays will be updated the following day)

Your Bid - We need the item number, item name and your bid amount to process your bid.
We can't enter bids without your name and address. When you bid you accept the terms and conditions
as posted below. Please include your address so we can calculate shipping on items won.

Winning Bidders - are notified the day after the auction closes
(All auctions end every Wednesday night at 10:00 PM eastern standard time).

If you use an Anti-Spam blocker for your email
Remember to add our email at the bottom of this page
to your list of non-blocked email. Let us know when your email changes.


 Placing a Bid - When you place your bid it must be $1.00 more than the opening bid. If there is a last bid than your bid must be $1.00 more than the last bid amount. Bids on items from the Illusion pages must be $5.00 more than the opening or last bid.

Bidding Strategy - Many bidders place a bid early in the week to find out if there is anyone else bidding on the item they are interested in. Others bidders wait until the last minute to bid hoping to win the item in the last hour. A good strategy to is to place a max bid. When placing a max bid you place your bid as usual except you add the maximum you will pay for the item. (see example below)

Example of a max bid: Your bid $20.00 with a max of $22.00. If someone bids 21.00 we will automatically raise your bid in increments until your bid is the high bid. This will protect your bid against last minute bidders.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: - Wire Transfer Bank to Bank (We will provide wire transfer information on all large purchases.) PayPal payments up to $1,000.00 and Credit Cards accepted through verified PayPal addresses only. Money orders and Cashiers Checks accepted, checks must
have Cashiers Check on the face of the check. We do not absorb any fees charged by banks, credit card compaines, shipping companies or customs etc.

International Payments: We now accept PayPal on items under $500.00.
Items over $500.00 must be paid by wire transfer - bank to bank. It is fast, safe and easy.

Shipping Costs - Are paid by the winning bidder unless otherwise stated in the listing.
International Shipping Costs - Customs, Duty bank, shipping and other fees or charges resulting from an Internationa Shipment are the sole responsibility of the Buyer.

Our Buyer Guarantee - Items won on the Magic Auction are guaranteed to be in the condition as stated in the listings. If an item is received in unsatisfactory condition based on the description listed, the buyer and seller are contacted to work out a settlement. If the buyer can't be satisfied, arrangements must be made by the buyer & seller to return the item to the seller. Once the item has been returned and received by the seller a refund of the purchase price will be sent to the buyer. Buyers will not be reimbursed for the shipping cost on returns. is not responsible for fees paid by buyers or sellers on cancelled transactions. Fees for sending payments are charged by Banks, PayPal etc. and are deducted from the original amount before we receive the payment therefore we do not have the fee to refund. Whenever possible on Pay Pal refunds we will send the refund within 60 days to insure that Pay Pal also refunds the fee. On wire transfers, money orders, shipping chargesetc. there is no way for us to refund the cost or fee charged.

Returns: It is the responsibility of the buyer to return the item to the seller in order to receive a refund. We can't refund money until the item is returned to the seller. When the item is received by the seller in the same condition it was sent, the buyer will receive a refund for the purchase price and shipping cost if the seller shipped the item. If you try to fix or alter an item you receive it is automatically considered accepted and your payment will be released to the seller. Please be sure to contact us for authorization before returning any item to the seller. If the item is returned without authorization the sender is responsible for any and all additional costs (if any) related to the return shipment. Shipping costs on items returned are not refundable since that money has already been paid to the shipping company, we do not have it to return. However the full price paid for the item will be returned less any Banking or PayPal fees.

Items that are not Returnable:
If you do not like the item
If you do not like the manufacturer's quality
If you made a mistake and bid on the wrong item.
However ... items can always be relisted and sold to someone else who may not share your opinion.

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