Just send us the name, builder, description and we will try to locate it for you.
If you find the item elsewher let us know so we can remove your free listing!


  IW1001  I am looking for: the Doug Henning Catching Doves (performed 1975 -1978) which was sold at the Henning auction and then sold again at magic Live in the Bill Smith booth 3 years ago. Made by Owen Magic Suprene #2035 Doves Fron The Air. I am looking to buy this if the person is willing to sell. Its 41 year s old now.
  IW1002  I am looking for: Todd Lassen Card Gaff Genii - Used for making Gaff Cards
  IW1003  I am looking for Doug Henning costumes from any of his specials. Also Henning props.
  IW1005  I am looking for Stuart Cumberland Evil Gifts
  IW1006  I am looking for Stuart Cumberland Mentalism Home Study Program with bonues
  IW1007   I am looking for a Brocks Block by Mak Magic.
  IW1008   I am looking for a magic live registration. Two would be great, but one is fine
  IW1010   I am looking for Kikuchi color changing wreaths
  IW1011   I am looking for Fantasio Red disappearing candles and candleabra
  IW1012   I am looking for an Op Art illusion I believe it is a Steinmyer illusion
  IW1013   I am looking for a Water levitation Illusion (Industry Builder)
  IW1014   I am looking for Owen Magic 12 inch locking ring.
  IW1015   I am looking for Gemini cage Illusion
  IW1016   I am looking for Op Art illusion
  IW1017   I am looking for Audience Acupuncture Illusion
  IW1018   I am looking for Telescoping table – Tony Clark
  IW1019   I am looking for Golden Fun Shears
  IW1020   I am looking for Card Sword- Taylor
  IW1021   I am looking for Salt Dropper
  IW1023   I am looking for "David Copperfield Radical New Illusions" poster (15x22)
  IW1024   I am looking for Daniel Summers Instant Babe - Illusion
  IW1026   I am looking for Bo Staff Illusion with steps that would allow my assistant to appear at the back of the theatre
  IW1027   I am looking for Cartel Coins by Chastain Criswel
  IW1028   I am looking for Shadow Vision illusion by Chalet Magic - Illusion
  IW1030   I am looking for Triad Coins - Sold
  IW1031   I am looking for Dienamite by Lee Earle (spot trick)
  IW1032   I am looking for used bunny canon and instant/fantasy magician stand and lion tamer from smokey mountain magic
  IW1033   I am looking for for an original 6 foot Imperial Dragon Rice Silk (Black)
  IW1034   I am looking for Whit Haydn Killer Epic with slate, colorful covers, marking pen, and video
  IW1035   I am looking for Acsending Goddess Illusion by Owens Magic.
  IW1037   I am looking for Paul Harris Screwed Deck
  IW1038   I am looking for Strospheres - Mak Magic
  IW1039   I am looking for Wenger Spirit Bell from Hell
  IW1040   I am looking for Full Throttle Illusion - JC Sum
  IW1041   I am looking for LEGACY by Underground Collective which includes aged cards, photographs and a Himber wallet.
  IW1042   I am looking for Owen magic supreme - Thin model sawing a lady in half / in red with gold trim / queen Ann legs

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