After compiling information from many sources we have put together an outline dealing with the questions concerning knock off illusion building. Below are a collection of thoughts from many professionals on the subject. Your own opinion is welcome.

The Imitator

In most cases an imitation is only a shell of the original, produced to look the same, but fails to include the creator's original concept and design ideas. The original design was conceived after months or even years of development. An imitation does not include all of the real construction techniques that are necessary when building an illusion for professional use.

The Professional Builder

When an illusion is purchased from an authorized builder, the knowledge that this builder has been chosen by the creator is a comforting thought. The builders work meets or exceeds the standards necessary to complete the illusion according to the original design. The materials used and the construction techniques will insure that the illusion will perform as designed
and stand up under heavy use for touring professional magicians.

The Designer

The illusion creator receives a fee for the illusion that helps support his continuing efforts to create new and innovative concepts for illusion design. Without this contribution, future growth in the area of illusion design for our industry begins to decline.

Used Illusions

In an effort to prevent the widespread selling of knock off illusions, the purchase of a professionally built "used illusion" will fill the need of the performer while cutting down on the sale of imitations. Professionally built used illusions are the most cost effective way of obtaining an illusion needed for a particular project if the budget does not permit the purchase of a new one. Not only do you get the most for your money but you also preserve our craft.


Many magicians will never purchase a professionally built illusion. These magicians perform part time and never do
more than local shows. A major illusion is not practical in this situation. But the need for a show stopping attraction is always there. Having one built for them is usually the way they handle the problem. The illusion is built from from an illusion book or a purchased set of plans. The magician builds the illusion himself or takes it to a woodworker or metal worker and has it built. In many cases these illusions are satisfactory for his needs. After performing in local shows again & again he sells it to someone else in the same situation and looks to find a replacement. This is an acceptable situation
. His only resposibility is to inform the buyer the illusion was built for him and the plans it is based on.