Magic Auction Published

Magic Auction found itself in good company in this publication.
Ebay, Sotheby's, Christie's, Amazon.Com Auctions, Biddington's,
Butterfield and Butterfield, The Final Hammer,,, etc.

Here is a few lines from the book by Prima Publishing.

"Its not just a cute name, and it's no illusion - this is a site that's
devoted to the mysterious, and the wonders of sleight of hand."

"If you're a hankering Houdini or a closet Copperfield,
peek behind the curtain to see who's bidding at Magic Auction"

"If you have an interest in magic and illusion, be sure to see
Magic Auction before all the great deals disappear. Poof!"

Thank You. . . to all our magic friends that have made us
The World's Largest Auction For Magicians...

Christine & Joe